Islands of Marseille, Cassis, La Ciotat

In this category you will find the islands you can directly see from Marseille (Frioul archipelago), those located on the calanque coast between Marseille and Cassis (Riou archipelago), and la Ciotat.

Frioul and Planier archipelago

The Frioul archipelago has 4 islands: Pomègues, Ratonneau, island of If and Tiboulen du Frioul. The two firsts are connected by a seawall that protects the port. A sea shuttle goes to the archipelago, from the Vieux port de Marseille.

Riou archipelago

It is at the heart of the national park of the calanques. It is forbidden to land there, except in the north side as long as you walk on the marked path between the calanque de Fontague, the calanque de Monasterio and the col de la Culatte

L’île Verte (La Ciotat) and other small islands

L’île Verte (Green Island) is located in the town of La Ciotat. It is the last island in the national park of the calanques. It does not look like the islands in Marseille (different type of rocks and a lot of plants) but there are some lovely creeks. You can get to the island with a sea shuttle from the Vieux Port of la Ciotat.
  • You can also get to the islands of Marseille and Cassis with personalized boat excursion, more info here