Hiking in the Calanques

Here is a selection of hiking trails throughout the Calanques National Park. On each page you will see pictures of the path, the landscape and the most difficult sections. The colors used on the website match the colors you may find on the IGN maps and the real colors marked on the paths. (Though if the color is different from what you see on the spot, you should better follow the trail one).
Between June 1st and September 30th, entrance in the calanques is regulated. It may be forbidden to get there if there is a fire risk. To know if your hike is allowed during this time, go to the page: Entrance and restrictions in the forests

What to bring

Don’t take your hike in the calanques lightly. It is a medium-mountain relief, very visited, but sometimes hostile, especially if you don’t have the right equipment.
Check-list :
- Good hiking shoes
- Sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum, and SPF 50+ for children) and a hat
- Sunglasses (UV protection 100%)
- Cellphone
- A snack and/or picninc
- Water !!! 1,5 liter per person is a good start. Ideally, each hiker must have 0,5L per hour of hike. Pack more water if you plan to stop or picnic.
- The massif is well marked, but it can be useful to bring a IGN map or a hike GPS.

Trails to enter the calanques

  • Recommended paths to enter the calanques quickly.

Walks in the calanques

  • Discover beautiful viewpoints on the calanques, with no hurry. Nice and easy walks.